Lenten Photo a Day: Feb 27

Feb 27: “Burden”

My Dad and Betty-Mom gave me this stole when I graduated Seminary. In my Church the stole is a symbol of ordination, so I waited through my Probationary years before vesting with this stole, or any stole for that matter. 

At first I thought of the privilege of wearing the stoles do the privilege of being in my Order; then it became more about the weight of the Order to which I belong. “My yoke is easy and my burden is light,” says my Lord. But there is a responsibility that comes with wearing my stole to lead and teach the church with Word and Sacrament. So each time I vest, I kiss my stole right where it rests on the back of neck that the burden may be light, but also that I may never take lightly the task of caring for God’s people. 


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