You May Say I’m a Dreamer

Or maybe it’s just a mid-life crisis…

A friend and I had a dream in the early 90s of opening a coffee shop.  It was a hip thing to do in the 90s, and probably trite these days, but the dream has never gone completely away even though I’m in a solid vocation/career, have been for over 15 years. But the dream it sits there just below the surface, letting the water ripple around it, and every now and again it resurfaces with a new twist.

I’m really enamored with the Japanese way of running a small business: You’re open for five or six days a week and you offer a small number of menu items and when it’s gone, it’s gone, and you close up shop even if it isn’t quite what your sign says is closing time. Nobody gets butt hurt by the fact that your menu items are gone and that you’re closed for the day; that’s just the way it is.

I don’t know if that model would work in the states; in the places I worked/managed back in the day, your kept making items until you closed; and when you closed your items got tossed and you wrote it off as a loss.

I also know that 30% of small businesses, especially restaurants, don’t survive their first year.

But I’m a helluva cook when it comes to vegan food and know one helluva baker, and I know good coffee, and it’s been a dream for over twenty years.

I read this book in grad school that said you shouldn’t share dreams or visions (i.e. vision statements, organizational visions, etc.) unless they have had a chance to gestate for about nine-months.

Nice birth metaphor, right?

I think I’ve given it enough time to practically be an adult.

We’ll see. Gotta get back to the states first.

(And apologies to anyone who was looking for something more related to JL’s “Imagine”)


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