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via Daily Prompt: Interior

We lived in Japan until October of 2016. Of the many things I loved about Japan, one of my favorite was the shrines and temples; places where, except for New Year’s Eve and Day, a weary traveller could be embraced by silence and beauty.

Which is not to say that silence is not beautiful.

I understand the importance of interior work–of getting into ourselves and taking a good and “fearless moral inventory” as they say. It’s through interior work that we really get to know ourselves.

Right now, I’m pondering some of the writings on our interior selves by Henri Nouwen.  He is one of my favorite writers. A book of his that is highly formative for me is Life of the Beloved.  He says we have to first “be beloved” before we can “become beloved.” Or something like that.

In short, we have to accept that we are worthy of goodness (more than goodness, really) before we can live into goodness.

Maybe the challenge for some of us is that we struggle with what the mirror shows us, or what the negative color commentary of our life has said about us, that we can’t see that we’re worthy of goodness, worthy of being loved.

So before we can live a life of loving others, before we can become beloved people living in the beloved community, we probably ought to embrace that we are Beloved.

Can we recognize that in our Interior Design?

Or as Mama Ru says, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the Hell are you gonna love somebody else? Can I get an Amen!”


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