I do a lot of talking to people. It’s aprofessional hazard, you might say.  One of the things I notice in those conversations is that many of us are still tethered to points in the past.

 It’s not that we have memories. Memories are good. What I find is that we’re still being defined by moments and decisions that we can’t change. 

As much as we might want to do some things differently, life can be easier if we accept that those moments, those decisions, are fixed points and cannot be changed. There are many things in my past that, if I could do things differently, I might. Might. 

But part of my hesitance is tied up in that whole “don’t mess with the timeline” thing. If you mess with the timeline a lot of things that we love today might be different. You might not just change the stuff that sucks. 

The only things we can change are things happening now. Today. Our outlook.  Our goals. Our dreams. 

You’re alive today. Make the best of it. Be kind to yourself. 


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