Paddle boarding in Okinawa
Before I give the impression that I frequently partake of the Stand Up Paddle Board adventure, let me point out that the Dude is kneeling while navigating the coral. 

Other photos would reveal the Dude kneeling while navigating the non-coral bits of the water, too. 

I am less of a stand up paddle boarder than I am a paddle board kneeler. 

But I was reminded, in my paddle board adventure, of the peaceful glory of flushing on the water, board between you legs and just existing. 

I can’t wait to get a beater long board and just paddle out and sit, floating, watching the swells as the grow into waves. 

That was one of my favorite things. 

I haven’t surfed in over 20 years, and I may just be satisfied by the floating out there, feeling the movement of the ocean, smelling the salt. 

Because floating is peace. 


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