Non-Specific Specificity or Something…

“Be more specific…”

That’s how the saying goes.

But words aren’t always specific. Not in English anyway.

Take ‘love’.

I love my wife. But I also love my children. My love for them is not the same, though.

Neither is my love for good wine the same as my love for my wife, or for my children.

Is the word ‘read’ in past or present tense when you see the word just hanging out there all by itself?

Words are confusing. They aren’t always specific, and if you add cultural meanings then they can become even less specific (more non-specific?).

When the Egyptian Christian that I worshipped with refers to G-d as “Allah” is her “Allah” the same as the Muslim “Allah”? Depends on to whom you ask the question.

What does marriage mean? is it something established by G-d and institutionalized by the Community of Faith? Or is it a contract between two individuals with associated benefits and responsibilities? In some faith communities marriage is both.

Not trying to get political, just thinking about how words are loaded with meaning that can muddy the waters of specificity.


via Daily Prompt: Specific


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