What ever happened to the Center?

A few weeks ago, someone I follow on Twitter made a comment about how we have reached a place where we just can’t afford to be civil anymore in our discourse.

I can’t help but wonder where the center has gone, because I find myself slipping deeper and deeper into my own end of the spectrum because it seems to be the only way to get anything accomplished.

When I last lived on the west coast (about 2o years ago) I considered myself a moderate with some liberal leanings.  Then we moved to an area of the country where the spectrum shifted around us and I found that, while my views on religion, politics, sexual orientation and gender identity hadn’t changed, and I still considered myself a moderate (centrist) that I was now being called a flaming liberal and a socialist.

All that did was push me deeper into the spectrum. And I think that all the name calling that’s happening now is doing the same thing across our culture, across the entire spectrum.

And i wonder what ever happened to the center?  What happened to a place where we could meet and have honest to God dialogue?

Maybe it was just a dream. But it sure would be cool if we could sit down with one another, and listen to what each one has to say, be open to their experience and maybe be changed a little because of that.

via Daily Prompt: Center


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