Voyager and Visions of the Future


In October we had the chance to visit the Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds exhibit at the EMP Museum in Seattle. Besides having the freedom to openly geek out, I was also blown away by how the museum had used their mannequins to faithfully reflect the diversity of the cast of all the Star Trek series’ crews.

There is an internet meme making its way around that was intended to be snarky but has taken hold in the liberal and progressive community that says something along the line of “this is the future that liberals want.”  Today I saw on Twitter a photo of the crew of the Enterprise from Star Trek:The Next Generation with the Caption “This the Future that Liberals Want.”

I offer up the crew of Star Trek: Voyager as the future I hope for. I love TNG, but I also hope for a future where we don’t just have men for leaders.


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