Taking a Pause

For several years I have used some sort of daily prayer book, beginning back in the days when I was a member of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Whether it is the Divine Hours by Phyllis Tickle, the Book of Common Prayer, or Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals I have used these resources to take a pause in the busy-ness of the day to recenter and remember my identity.

The tradition has existed for centuries in the Christian Church and even before the Church used things like a Book of Hours, there is the passage in Psalm 119 that says, ‘Seven times a day I praise you for your righteous laws” (Psalm 119:164).

The Visitation from a Book of Hours 

Taking a pause is helpful; taking a pause allows us to “come away to a quiet place” where we can be mindful of the One to whom we belong; taking a pause pulls us out of the tyranny of the now where we may feel owned by this demand or that demand (or this or that demanding person).

via Daily Prompt: Pause


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