Divine Synchronicity 

I live in an interfaith household. My wife is a Conservative Jew and I am a Mainline Protestant Pastor.

If you want understand how that works, I will simply say this: it works because we allow it to work. We respect one another and we respect our traditions. 

Plus, we get all the Holy Days!

Case in point, yesterday was Palm Sunday and we began the journey of Holy Week. Tonight we begin Passover. 

It just so happens that we are also a vegan household, so our Seder is set up in such a way that there aren’t any animal products. A roasted beet stands in place of the shank bone, and an orange is in the place of the egg. (The orange is also on our table because we’re inclusive and believe that women have a rightful place in Jewish life, and so does our LGBTQ child.)

So this week we get Divinely appointed Synchronicity, much like how this past winter we celebrated Chrismukkah. 🙂

So enjoy a few photos of our table, and Chag Sameach to you (and a blessed Holy Week, too!)


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