“How Much Ya Run?”

These are my running shoes. There are many like them, but this pair is mine.

The other day I saw a post about running on the Insta-photo-sharing site that said something like, “If you want to run, run a mile; if you want to change your life, run a marathon.” Something like that at any rate.

I was thinking about that quote on my morning run today (I have never run a marathon, btw) and I came up with my own version:

“If you want to run, run one mile, or three miles, or five miles, or even a marathon because when you run, your life is changed.”

Maybe even this: “If you want to run, run as far as you want to; if you want to have a life changing experience, run a trail and listen to the birds cheer you on; share the trail with bunnies and lizards, and breathe with the trees. That’s life changing.”

How ever far you may run, let the run be for you and your own growth, otherwise you sound like these guys from an SNL skit back in the day:

how much ya bench


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