Naked and Unashamed

Vulnerability is not a bad thing.

If you want to be known by people, really truly known by them, you have to expose your inner most self and not be afraid or ashamed.

When humans were first created, the Creator saw the one human and declared that it was not good for the person be alone. In the process of finding a companion for the first human, many other things came into being, but they weren’t quite like the human.

Dog was awesome, but not quite there.

Cat knew how awesome she was, but didn’t want much to do with the human because humans are beneath cats.

The human was still alone; there wasn’t anyone to share life with.

So the Creator made a second human, and the first human said, “Ah! At last! Someone like me.”

And they looked at one another, saw their differences, but didn’t get in a tizzy over them.

They were naked and unashamed.

Not just naked, naked. Not just unclothed. But vulnerable, exposed, open in sharing dreams and hopes and fears and doubts.

And they knew that it was good. And the Creator saw that it was good.

Vulnerability and exposure aren’t bad things.

via Daily Prompt: Exposed


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