Daily Prompt: Dash

There are so many lyrics penned by Robert Hunter that find meaning in my life.

As I think of the promt for “Dash,” I think of the days that we are given between when we enter this world and when we depart.

July 3rd is the day that Jim Morrison died. His life was poured out making music with a band that I never witnessed in person, but whose music still informs who I am.

I remember being young and wondering what I would do with my life:

In the 2nd grade I was going to destroy the Death Star

In the 3rd grade I was going to discover ancient relics

In the 4th grade…I don’t remember…but I know that throughout my life there were dreams of how I would spend my days–some dreams more cosmically meaningful than others.

I wonder when it is that we became content with putting our dreams on the shelf to collect dust?

“Hearts of Summer held in trust
still tender, young and green
left on shelves collecting dust
not knowing what they mean”

~Robert Hunter  & Jerry Garcia “Days Between



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