Saturday Pride Parade #SDPride


Aaron went to his first Pride Parade today; he was a superhero, running around wearing his trans flag like a cape and pumping up the parade-watchers, riding the waves of love sent his way. He was free; for the first time in a long time, I saw my child free to abandon himself to a group of people who let him be him, people who cheered him on without judgment. Strangers cheering on another stranger because they shared a common bond of having this moment to be completely free.

I know there are people who don’t understand why Pride is important; until you have lived a closeted existence, you may never know why Pride is important.

I am a cis-gender, straight white male; I posses a level of privilege in our society that my son never will. So I walk with him in Pride.  And I will spend the entirety of my days making sure that he has every chance to be free, and surrounded by people who let him be him.

Happy Pride, kiddo.

Happy Pride to everyone.


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