Word of the Day: Convictions

Words standing alone on a page help a person recognize the variety of meanings we can ascribe to the same word.

When a person sees “convictions” do they think of a list of crimes someone has been found guilty of committing or do they think of a list of values and and beliefs that guide their way of living.

One kind of conviction can lead to imprisonment almost without question; the other, if we commit to them blindly and without any possibility of allowing our minds to be changed can do the same thing.

How many of us are so sure that are beliefs are the right beliefs and everyone else is wrong? Politics is built on convictions; religions are built on convictions; tolerance and intolerance are both built in convictions.

What if our convictions led us the the table to hear and to listen instead of to convince? What if our convictions allowed us to hear and consider the perspective that differs from our own?

Word of the Day Challenge

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