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I was on a sunrise run this morning, and as I jogged through a stretch of trail in the estuary, The Sun was hanging low on the horizon, fat and orange in the hazy sky. 

“I need this as the picture to go with my post,” I thought and pulled my phone out of my arm band snapped a picture and then put my phone back in the band. What I missed, though, was that as I put my phone away, it snapped a different picture (of the inside of my arm band) and used that as my run photo. 

I didn’t realize any of this, of course, until I was at home. Home with no commemorative photo from my run, or of the sunrise. 

It was a glorious sunrise, even if I don’t have a photo to share. 

It’s okay if we don’t Insta Face My Book Space Gram everything, right?

I mean, the run happened. And the sun happened. 

(No photo or it didn’t happen?)

All the moments we share are really special moments, or sometimes they’re very ordinary moments. 

But the moments we can’t capture, or don’t capture, they aren’t any less rapturous because we didn’t capture them. 


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The chorus says, “You cannot get past this thing; you aren’t able to overcome.”

But in the moments of still-silence

(not noiseless silence, but calm silence)

The Singular voice speaks 

over the 

Cacophonous Chorus of naysayers

And we are 




With peace

With certainty

That we are

That I am




Finite and infinite

Finite in how we measure moments

Seconds tick

Minutes drag

But the now?

The present?

If we live in it

If we let it capture our attention and keep us

It will last forever

The future will steal the infinity of the now

And the past will rob us of the beauty of the present

But right now…

The taste of coffee on my tongue

The ocean breeze

The sun

Infinite and finite

All at once

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service elevator

service elevator
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Rise above

rise above what

above whom

above pain

above hate

above despair

above those we call


elevate thoughts but seek lower status?

lower ourselves to meet the pain and grime and the hurt?

when we elevate-rise, will be be shiny and glowing?

or will we rise-elevate in a shiny glowing way

only if in the now we get low

with the down trodden?

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Daily Prompt: Continue


Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto.

The torii gates just keep on going and when you try to capture a picture, the people just keep on coming.

If the Torii gate is the division between the spiritual and physical world, the line between the sacred and the profane, walking in places like this makes you wonder where that division really is. Maybe the sacred spiritual spaces continue a bit into the physical spaces. Maybe the line is thinner than we know.

I miss Japan.

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