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There’s Something About…

“Mary, Mary, you’re on my mind,”

That’s what Michael Hutchence and Jimmy Barnes sing in “Good Times.”

I learned that song from the Lost Boys soundtrack, many many years before I ever stood in a room filled with icons and polycandelon (candelabras.)

But one day I stood in the church, and maybe it was because the light of sunset and the polycandelon hit this one icon just right, but the gold background, signifying the heavenly realm, glowed. I know it sounds crazy, and I’m not a huge proponent of ‘supernatural’ stuff, but the gold was glowing.

As it turns out, I was also contemplating selecting a patron saint.

One might think that in that particular moment of contemplation and the glowing of an icon, that maybe I was getting a message from my soon to be patron saint.

But I was told that there was no way this particular saint was my patron saint.

mary magdalene
Mary Magdalene, Holy Myrrh-bearer and Apostle to the Apostles

Men don’t get patron saints who are women, that’s what I was told. Period.

I guess they were twitchy about calling me by a female saint’s name during worship. So I chose my name-sake, Daniel. Easy peasy, mac n cheesy.

But I have always felt an affinity for the Apostle to the Apostles. In fact, she’s a big reason I’m not part of that particular church with icons, polycandelon, and incense. How do you have a female as the first messenger of the Risen One and then say they can’t preach or be ordained?

Thank you, Mary, for leading me to the path of embracing a holy diversity that embraces the marginalized.

Blessed feast day to you.

“Almighty God, whose blessed Son restored Mary Magdalene to health of body and mind, an called her to be a witness of his resurrection: Mercifully grant that by your grace we may be healed from all our infirmities and know you in the power of his unending life; who with you and the Holy Spirit, lives and reigns, one God, now and for ever. Amen” (Book of Common Prayer)



Saturday Pride Parade #SDPride


Aaron went to his first Pride Parade today; he was a superhero, running around wearing his trans flag like a cape and pumping up the parade-watchers, riding the waves of love sent his way. He was free; for the first time in a long time, I saw my child free to abandon himself to a group of people who let him be him, people who cheered him on without judgment. Strangers cheering on another stranger because they shared a common bond of having this moment to be completely free.

I know there are people who don’t understand why Pride is important; until you have lived a closeted existence, you may never know why Pride is important.

I am a cis-gender, straight white male; I posses a level of privilege in our society that my son never will. So I walk with him in Pride.  And I will spend the entirety of my days making sure that he has every chance to be free, and surrounded by people who let him be him.

Happy Pride, kiddo.

Happy Pride to everyone.

Sailing on a Ship of Fools

Styx sang, “Come Sail Away” — which if you think about river from which the band derives its name, is kind of weird — but if you connect prompts to song lyrics, which I do because my brain is full of song lyrics, then that may be the song you’d reference for your daily post. Or maybe you’d jump onto “Sailing” by Christopher Cross…

Not me.

When I saw the Daily Prompt, “Sail,” I immediately was drawn to the Grateful Dead song “Ship of Fools,” probably because it was most recently sung by Dead and Company at the July 1 show at Wrigley Field.


I got on the bus in the 90s, when Jerry wasn’t doing very well, so I didn’t get to know “Ship of Fools” that well; it’s also not in rotation in the shows I have in my collection, either (which I need to fix!).

Anyway, there’s this first verse:

Went to see the captain
strangest I could find
Layed my proposition down
Layed it on the line;
I won’t slave for beggar’s pay
likewise gold and jewels
but I would slave to learn the way
to sink your ship of fools…

And then there’s this:

“Michael Foucault’s Madness and Civilization [tells] that a ship of fools referred to the practice of putting the local ‘insanes’ onto ships to help as crew people; supposedly, ‘regular’ people thought that the fools, shipmen, and the sea all had an affinity for each other. so, when a new ship would port in a town, people would come and have a chuckle at the expense of the kind ‘fools.’ so, the sea was an escape for these well-wishing souls from the cruel sea of humanity on the mainland.”

Maybe today is one of those days where I feel like the sea would be a great escape from the laughing landlubbers.

via Daily Prompt: Sail

Lyrics and Quote regarding Michael Foucault courtesy of The Annotated Ship of Fools

Daily Prompt: Dash

There are so many lyrics penned by Robert Hunter that find meaning in my life.

As I think of the promt for “Dash,” I think of the days that we are given between when we enter this world and when we depart.

July 3rd is the day that Jim Morrison died. His life was poured out making music with a band that I never witnessed in person, but whose music still informs who I am.

I remember being young and wondering what I would do with my life:

In the 2nd grade I was going to destroy the Death Star

In the 3rd grade I was going to discover ancient relics

In the 4th grade…I don’t remember…but I know that throughout my life there were dreams of how I would spend my days–some dreams more cosmically meaningful than others.

I wonder when it is that we became content with putting our dreams on the shelf to collect dust?

“Hearts of Summer held in trust
still tender, young and green
left on shelves collecting dust
not knowing what they mean”

~Robert Hunter  & Jerry Garcia “Days Between



via Daily Prompt: Dash

Random Quote of the Moment

Came across this one in my copy of The Tao of the Dude:

“We should have been called Homo dissatisfactens. From Homo habilis (Tool-making man) to the Sharper Image, we have been trying–unsuccessfully, it appears–to make ourselves comfortable of the last 350,000 years or so. Only a tribe of aborigines in Australia was hip enough to notice that the more one has, the shorter it feels. So they got off the treadmill when their tool count had risen to a total of five (counting the digeridoo).”

–John Perry Barlow, Weird Scenarios: The Future of the Future 1.01


Weekend Get Away

22 years ago I spend a weekend in the desert with the Grateful Dead.  This past weekend I went back to Vegas and what a great (Grate!) time it was!

It was amazing walking around, strangers stopping strangers, and talking about shows and happiness and joy and peace, all because we are part of this odd tribe.

Some will say, and have said, that the new iteration of the Dead is over-produced, and that the sets aren’t as exploratory as back in the good old days, but the thing is, when Pigpen died, everybody thought the music died.  And then Keith and Donna came along, and lots of people (LOTS) were not a fan, but Donna’s vocals did something life-giving for the music that would not have happened if she weren’t part of that leg of the band’s journey. And then it was Brent on the keys and–MY G-D!!–was the music ever alive–and then in the 90s (when I jumped on the train) we had Vince and the music in Jerry’s later years was rough (let’s be real) but I loved in the moment.

And anyone who knows anything about the Grateful Dead (in whatever portion of the band’s life) knows that the music is about the moment, the now.  Not what was. Not what will be.

The present.

And so we’re going down a new branch in the road–and I for one am not feeling bad at all–my love for the music will not fade away.

The shirt I’m sporting while I try to figure out which camera to look at, is one I got at the shows 22 years ago. It was a little less snug on me when i got it (I don’t know, must have been the dryer…but not the roses.) And somehow I am blessed to have this amazing woman by my side this time around.

I can’t really put a whole lot of words to the show.  The opener was “The Music Never Stopped” and it put me in just the right place to shake my bones all the way through–the  “Deal” was a scorcher!

Encore was “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” with a beautiful picture of Gregg Allman up on the screen.  The love for him was tangible.

Anyway…it was awesome. I’m still floating on the energy of being with the tribe and I’m stuck with what Mickey Hart said at the end of the Fare Thee Well shows.


be kind