Lyrics of the Day

From “Down” by Pearl Jam:

“Rise. Life is in motion. I’m stuck in line.
Oh rise. You can’t be neutral on a moving train.
One day… the symptoms fade. Think I’ll throw these pills away.
And if hope could grow from dirt like me. It can be done.

Won’t let the light escape from me.
Won’t let the darkness swallow me.”


The Exquisite and Ineffable


After spending six years in Japan, I grew accustomed to the intricate details put into all the temple and shrines.  Even in small neighborhood shines, there was a level of care given, that helped me re-gain my appreciation and desire for beauty in religious spaces.

The photo above was take in Nara, Japan and I’ll never forget the ineffable wonder of standing in that space, looking up at the statue, smelling the wax and the incense.


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Lyrics of the Day

From “Given to Fly” by Pearl Jam —

“He floated back down ’cause he wanted to share
His key to the locks on the chains he saw everywhere
But first he was stripped and then he was stabbed
By faceless men, well, fuckers
He still stands

And he still gives his love, he just gives it away
The love he receives is the love that is saved
And sometimes is seen a strange spot in the sky
A human being that was given to fly”



Somewhere along the way this summer, as we traversed from Japan back to the U.S. and from the PacificNorthwest to Southern Californua, and across the country and back again, I lost my favorite SYF ball cap. 

I haven’t had it in close to three months, so I finally got a new one. It’s not like my old one; it fits a little differently, and we don’t have all the memories together (but we’ll get there) and now I can get back to representing my peeps again. 

Wave that flag! 

Someday and Tomorrow

“I’ll get around to my dream someday.”

“Someday, maybe I’ll be able to forgive them.”

“Somehow, Someday, Somewhere…”

Someday is that kissing cousin to “Tomorrow” and I think they’re both the destroyer of dreams.

If you want to do something, or learn to do something, there is no someday, there is only today. Now.


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We went to our local Thai restaurant last night And for some random reason I got all wrapped up in their lotus blossom lamps. I am pretty sure I haven’t captured the lamp in the way it captured me…and I have no idea WHY I got wrapped up in them…

But I think it’s cool that random moments of beauty can break into our days.