Lenten Photo a Day: Feb 26

Feb 26: “Mystery”


Parenthood is a tremendous mystery. From the first moment you meet your child through all the years of their (and your) life, you learn the depths of living with and in grace. You meet your child and you are filled with hopes and wishes and desires for all the good things they may know in life. 

When they find their own hopes and desires and wishes, when they emerge as different from your hopes, you learn to love them as they are. Because that’s the mystery of unconditional love. 

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Lenten Photo a Day: 25 Feb


Feb 25 – “Retreat”

Watching the last hour or so of the day, and so very ready for Sabbath. It’s been such a gift to use Sabbath as the gift it’s intended to be and to retreat into rest as much as possible; to just be still, be quiet, be loved.